Silke vom Bauer, Sex Therapist & relationship counselor

HP for Psychotherapy

My own process to reclaim my sexuality from layers of shame, false information, societal expectations and personal trauma has been deeply rewarding, and I firmly believe that this transformational work holds the key to a deeper sense of well-being and joy. Examining connections of pain and longing, opening and trust, intimacy and desire from different perspectives enables me to meet my clients with an experienced and balanced foundation as a sexual therapist. 

I do not judge or moralize live-styles, sexual orientation, relationship model or flavor of erotic desires.

I help my clients understand and accept their own sexuality and support them on a path to reach their sexual goals through a direct and compassionate dialog. At times we might engage in exercises to explore the energy and blockades within a dynamic. The setting for our sessions is on chairs or on a floor-mat. We are always fully dressed and do not engage in sexual activity.

I am deeply honored to support you in your process of opening up.


About me


I grew up in Northern Germany, have spent 25 years in California, am the mother of two teenage boys, have lost a baby during birth, divorced and now live with my partner and children in a lively patchwork household in the heart of Berlin. My work is a composition of my experiences: