We all know the longing to be seen and to be touched at the core of our being, yet we seem unable to find the right words. Connected communication and fulfilled sexual experiences is at the heart of a person's well-being. This intimate dialog about our sexual problems and suppressed desires is often blocked by fears and vulnerabilities. You may find that your whole life has a chance to improve when you open up to this process.

Are you searching for a deeper connection in your relationship? Are you struggling with recurring conflicts with your partner, problems in the bedroom, with shame, or sexual dysfunctions? Are you overwhelmed by conflicts in your family, past traumatic experiences or are you feeling lonely? 

I work therapeutically through dialog, physical awareness coaching, guided meditative explorations, shadow work, creative process and occasional home-work assignments. As a coach, I offer direct and practical guidance as you are looking to resolve conflict, meet challenges or explore new possibilities for yourself to improve your sexuality.


  • Commitment phobia or healing from a painful relationship experience

  • Exploring and communicating your wishes, desires and boundaries

  • Starting a new relationship: building a solid foundation

  • Terminally single, trouble getting a second date or tired of one night stands

  • Internet dating and how to represent yourself in your profile

  • Fair fighting: communication skills for couples or families

  • Divorce and post-divorce struggles

  • Embracing your juicy womanhood: discovering your female sexuality

  • Navigating polyamory or an open relationship

  • Coping with jealousy

  • Overwhelmed by a recent situation in your professional or personal life

Sexual Therapy:

  • Anxiety about intimacy or the inability to handle your own shame

  • Lack of sexual desire

  • Anxiety or uncertainty about sexual orientation

  • Recovery from sexual abuse or sexual assault

  • Body-image issues

  • Sexual impulses or compulsions that cause distress

  • Problems to reach orgasm or ejaculation by yourself or with a partner

  • Pain during intercourse**

  • Inability to achieve or maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction)**

  • Inability to control the timing of ejaculation (premature or retarded ejaculation)**

** Please make sure to see a doctor first if your problem is physical in nature. A gynecologist or urologist can detect difficulties due to illness, aging, or metabolic and hormonal imbalances. Prescription drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, and smoking can all affect sexual functioning. However, with most sexual dysfunction and libido concerns the underlying psychological and emotional issues can be addressed in our work together. 

** I do not work with pedophilia. If you feel sexualy attracted to children, please contact  "Kein Täter Werden" for free support.