Billing & Terms of Service

When we meet for the first time in my office we will talk about the reasons that your are looking for support and what outcome you have in mind. Sometimes even one conversation about a difficult issue can reveal new insights on how to create change and recognize solutions. Our first meeting is an important time for you to understand how I work and to see if you might find this approach to be a good fit for you.

The duration of your therapy or coaching depends on what type of changes you wish to achieve. Some situation can be resolved with attention to the immediate circumstances. In other situations it is valuable to understand how experiences in the past constantly influences your current behavior. 

The fee for my work depends on the time we spend in session. My initial telephone consultation is free of charge. Payment is expected in full at the end of each meeting. For your convenience you may purchase a 5-visit package via bank transfer prior to our meetings. Please note the 24 hour cancellation policy outlined in my Terms of Services. 

As of January 2017 my regulations regarding cancellations/rescheduling requests are as follows:

Within 48 hours: 25€ fee charged. Within 24 hours: full fee charged.

My work is not covered by general health insurance. Based on the type of health insurance you might be able to be reimbursed for the cost of the therapy sessions. While I am able to provide billing statements, you will need to handle all matters with your insurance on your own.

Payment with EC-Card is not possible.

The majority of my terms and policies can be found in my Terms & Conditions. It is critical that you read these before you request an appointment! 

Please feel free to Contact Me for further questions or more information.

60 Minute in-office session: Singles - 70 € / Couples - 90 €   

90 Minute in-office session: Singles - 95 €   / Couples - 130 €

  • 20% discount when paying for 5 sessions with one payment**

Phone or Skype Sessions, 60 Minutes: 70€ (**prior payment via Pay-Pal or bank transfer)

House-Calls, for couples only: Add 20€ to the above session price

Weekend appointments: Add 25€ to the above session price

** Instructions for bank-transfer or pay-pal will be E-Mailed to you upon request for this option. 

Are we getting naked?

We are always fully dressed and do not engage in sexual activity.

What if I am dealing with an embarrassing problem?

Regardless of what's troubling you, rest assured that speaking about it will give you a sense of relief - both emotionally and physically.  Our therapist-client relationship is based on confidentiality and trust.  Remember that this is my field of expertise and there is little I haven't heard or seen before.  

My boundaries as your therapist:

I do not work with clients with psychiatric disorders, such as pedophilia or perpetrators of domestic or sexual violence.  As a Heilpraktiker of Psychotherapie I am obliged to adhere to the rules of my profession.