Red Moon: Mother & Daughter Coming of Age


Every week, for two months, we come together to explore the changing world of our family dynamic when a girl becomes a woman. At the Mother-Daughter Circle we take the time to recognize this special time of transformation and learn life-changing tools. Our meetings are fun, moving, transformational and allow for a new way of meeting as a family at a time when tempers are often confusing and unpredictable.

In our time together and in assignments we explore our femininity, our challenges, our fears, our hopes and honor the moment in a girl's life when she is transitioning to womanhood.

Topics are: Female Identity & Your Body, Communication Skills, Setting Boundaries, Your Sexuality, Sacred Flow and Fertility, Safe Sex and "Slow Sex", Ancestral Lineage and Belonging. Our time culminates with a ritual and enables mothers and daughters to move forward with a deeper understanding for each other and a deeper sense of purpose. 

Further information can be found in my article "Initiation won't be sold in the App-Store", published April 9, 2015 in magazine.

Themes of our meetings:

  • Girl or Woman? Feeling out of place in either world

  • Prince or frog? Recognize your deepest longing while staying grounded

  • Screaming into the wind: Communication skills for life

  • Safe & Slow Sex: Mindfulness in the garden of pleasure

  • Mother-Power! Discover and understand the power of your maternal lineage

  • The red tent: Your beauty, your femininity, your community

  • Closing ritual and coming-of-age ceremony

Meets on four different weekends from 10:00 to 17:00. New groups starts in the fall of 2019.

Dates: to be announced, Times: 10:00-17:00 Uhr.  Final group meeting from 14:00-Midnight. 
Cost: 450€ per family for all days. Refer a second family, and receive a 30% discount.  

"Not from here?"  - a Support group for Foreign Women

Once a month we meet in a therapeutic setting to talk about the challenges of living in Germany. In this group you are invited to share your difficulties and talk about your struggles. Negotiating life in a foreign country can be the source of stress, emotional pain and even depression. Typical focus of our group are issues around work, difficulties with your family, relationship problems and the exploration of home and belonging.

Dates & Time: Tuesday, 19:00 to 21:00 Uhr in Schöneberg. Cost: 25€ per evening.

Next dates in 2019: Please inquire.

Please RSVP via Email to book your spot in our group.

The Red Temple: Juicy Women in Connection


The Red Temple invites women to meet in a safe circle of sisters to feel our vulnerability and celebrate the power of our sexuality. 

In this space we light the fire to rekindle the heat in our womb, feel ourselves and unleash the flow of our nectar. 

We explore our bodies, our deepest longing, our roots and connections with each other as we journey through rituals, knowledge exchange, boundary explorations and divine play, celebrations of our uniqueness and movement/dance.

Our meetings have the potential for us to step through the portal of shame and fear into a transformed experience of our sexual self. Healing, grounding and deeply nourishing for all who identify as female. Come and play with us!

Dates: Please inquire.