Silke vom Bauer

Psychotherapy, Relationship Counseling & Sexual Coaching  

Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy

"It all begins with longing" - Nelly Sachs

Struggling with problems in your relationship can be a daunting situation. Loving your partner but experiencing problems and issues in the bedroom can be an opportunity to bring change and allow for a transformation. Common concerns of my clients are:  frequent fighting, jealousy, low libido, affairs, porn- or sex addiction, sexual problems and dysfunctions, a history of sexual violence or abuse, polyamory concerns and questions or a recent break-up.

Looking at the patterns in a relationship holds the clue to transformation. Problems in the bedroom are a symptom of past experiences or they are rooted in the underlying issues of a relationship. There often is a good reason why the sex is not working or not happening. Just adding new ideas and strategies to solve the sexless situation is like a band-aid over a festering wound.  The bedroom is the stage where the dynamics of the relationship are displayed in full focus.

In our sessions I offer a safe and nurturing environment to support you to talk about your deepest longing, your pain and your confusion in your pursuit to reach your own sexual goals. You are able to examine conflicts, understand emotions and recognize new perspectives for yourself. It is very important to me im my work that the client understands the underlying dynamic governing a problem.  Through this process of self discovery, you can recognized and transform your patterns, so that you are able to experience deeper relationships and a richer sexuality. Even sexual dysfunctions have a chance to transform if the therapist guides the client in the process to uncover the source and dynamics woven into their sexuality.

I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.
— Brené Brown